Thursday 11 April 2013

The Photographers' Gallery

Suki wrote here about our visit to London. I managed to give her the slip and searched for The Photographers' Gallery. It is a while since I had last been but thought I had remembered well exactly where to find it. Down a small street between Covent Garden Market and Soho. It was a lovely small gallery with interesting exhibitions and a small cafe.

I searched and searched and found a shoe shop that Suki would like but the gallery had disappeared. I asked in two other galleries but got only blank stares.

I got out my Blackberry and Googled it. Clearly it was nowhere near where I was looking. When I got back to the flat I Googled again. It had moved to new premises on the other side of Soho, just off Oxford Street, close to Carnaby Street.

I headed off there the next day. I hadn't been sure about the exhibitions from what I'd read quickly on the website. However a couple of them in particular were great. Geraldo de Barros was a Brazilian artist and designer. As a young artist he used photography to create fascinating abstract designs. Later after a stroke he cut up his older photographs to create very distinctive effects. Laura Lentinsky created large canvases in shades of white, photographs of objects and cut outs to produce still life pictures. Quite stunning.

Both were clearly artists who happen to use photography as their medium. I wished I'd taken Suki. I think she would have been interested.

The building was interesting enough to encourage me to take a few snaps with the pocket camera I was carrying. The cafe was excellent - a great pot of Earl Grey and lots of nice food that I managed to resist.

You can see some of my photographs as a slideshow below.


  1. Congrats, Bel, on managing to use your blackberry as "a small computer". You are hurtling into the 21st century at a heady pace.

  2. Suki is teasing me so I have changed the text and her comment doesn't make sense now. Serves her right!