Sunday 2 June 2013

Is this the 'truth' about women?

I went to a private view at Leeds Gallery on Friday to see the Ashley Karrell exhibition, Expression of You, The Divine Feminine. I met Feisty Fraulein J , Bill Parker and Suki there. It was a great evening and I got into a lively discussion with Bill about the exhibition. I found myself wondering - is this  arrogant, pretentious and manipulative... or?  It raised lots of issues for me, starting with the title of it, and what it claimed to do. The concept supposedly behind it was that this was how the women wished themselves to be presented, their 'truth'. If these representations really were the women's 'truths', then I am very unhappy with the way many young women wish to be portrayed.

Insofar as the exhibition stimulated much discussion,  it was very worthwhile. I had a brief chat with Ashley and still felt that there were some issues with the concept - though enjoyed the debate it created. Later Feisty Fraulein J described it more eloquently than me on Suki's noticeboard this week, but summed up some of my thoughts.

I felt the exhibition as a whole was more stimulating than the individual photographs but Suki has bought one. I'm not sure she has bought one of mine yet!

There were at least five photographs of women in tears. I wondered who I should go to see if I want to cry. My therapist or a photographer?