Sunday 29 September 2013

spinning light

I visited the Cloth and Memory exhibition at Salts Mill briefly again last week and the week before. I think that is at least four times now. On most of those visits the light was great - lots of sunshine pouring through the long skylights. On one day however it was cloudy and dull. The exhibition seemed less exciting. There was no artificial light and the exhibits suffered from not being lit. One of the exhibits on a previous visit sparkled in the bright sunlight. In the dimness they lost some of their interest and drama. Don't get me wrong - it is a fascinating exhibition but even on my last sunny visit later in the afternoon as the sun was going down I worried how the exhibits will fare on dull October afternoons ...

Here is a picture of the wonderful space, the Spinning Room, where the exhibition is housed.

Pictures of Berlin coming soon - I promise!

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