Wednesday 12 September 2012

Bloke Folk

Steve took me to "Bloke Folk" at the Ring of Bells in Shipley last night. (I think it might be only him who calls it that.) There was only one other woman there though.

I drank far too much but had a great night.

Photos taken with my Blackberry - music by Union Station. I'll have to go back and record some live music to go with it.

I've had a play with it and this is a new and I hope improved version! (Now also in black and white.)


  1. This is great, Bel!

    Black and white gives it a yester-year feel.

    Since you were only one of two women there, I hope you got all your drinks bought.

  2. Thanks Suki.

    All my drinks bought? I wish!!!!

    - B xx